Friday, August 26, 2011

Designer Apprentice Week 4

Good day everyone!
It is a beautiful day here in TN but I know a lot of folks are hunkering down for the Hurricane coming their way.  I hope you all stay safe and try to enjoy the ride.

I have just finished my week 4 entry for the Designer Apprentice Challenge.  I haven't had much time this week to work on it as I have had my in-laws here (it was a great visit) and a busier schedule than usual.  Even today has been busy but I feel accomplished as I painted the backporch area, steam cleaned the area rug, found and scanned some papers for my DH and finished these beautiful papers for you.  I had some help with choosing my colors as my colors have been an issue for the judges in this contest.  I want to send a "Thank You" out to Sus for her help on the colors.

Alright... this weeks challenge was to create 7 patterned and 3 solid papers from a new color scheme that we had not used in the contest.  We were give the option to use up to 3 CU patterned papers but had to make them our own.  I am very proud that I did not use any CU patterns.... I created all of mine either by hand or brushes.  I really hope that you like them and leave me some love if you choose to pick them up.  Don't forget that there are many other designers offering their entries for free as well, so pick them up and tell them how much you appreciate the gift.

My Paper Pack is called "Many Thanks"

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ready for a Challenge?

Good day everyone!
It's that time of the month again for a template challenge. I have come up with a simple 5 photo layout that you can add to, take from or just flip around to meet your needs. I would love to see what you come up with, so if you pick up the template, then swing by the gallery and forum for me to see your beautiful creation and leave you some love.  You never know..... you might just get a gift certificate to my shop for participating.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 3 of Designer Apprentice and Continued 45% Sale

Good day everyone!

We are finally getting some relief from the heat here with some clouds and a shower here and there.  Along with that we have started up Cub Scouts and Soccer again.  As if I wasn't busy enough, my embroidery business is starting to take off again with the start of school.  I guess I wasn't meant to just be a lazy stay at home mom... hehe!

Anywho.... I wanted to remind you that both of my shops are still 45% off until the end of the month and I not sure when I will have another sale this good.  You can pick up my designs at Faith Sisters and Daisies & Dimples.  Some of the other Designers at both of my shops are having some great deals as well so make sure to check them out as well.

Now for my well awaited Round 3 Designer Apprentice entry.....

We were challenged to make 3 (yes 3) coordinating alphas to go with our Round 1 Mini Kit.  I came up with a Decorative Apoxy (upper and lower), a Paper with Pencil Overlay (upper, lower, number, and symbols), and an Outline (upper and lower).  I hope you like them, if you do, please swing over and pick up the mini as well.

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One last thing, make sure to pick up all the other Designers Freebies and leave them some love if you choose to download.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Designer Apprentice Week 2

Good day everyone!

Today is a fabulous day for me! My 2 older boys have their first full day of school and my baby is at daycare for the day..... can we say QUIET?!?!? (don't say it too loudly.. hehe). I plan on finishing up some things on the computer, clean up and do some laundry, and then maybe even get a little nap in. I love the sound of silence... yeah!

Ok for you, I have this sweet little paper pack from the Week 2 Challenge. We were instructed to create at least 2 paper textures from scratch and apply them to 4-6 papers. I created 3 different textures.... used each on one paper and then combined them on the other 2 papers. I hope you like them and leave some love if you choose to pick them up.

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New Designers Week 2
Established Designers Week 2
Don't forget that you can still pick up all the minis from Week 1 here.  Below is my entry...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Designer Apprentice Week 1

Good day all!I have been waiting for today all summer.  The kids started school today, 1/2 at least, and will go back on Tuesday for full time.  Yippee! Hooray! *Doing the Happy Dance*

Ok enough celebration about that, for now - there will be more on Tuesday as all the kids will be out of the house for the day.  I have started yet another designer challenge.... this time its the Designer Apprentice at DigiScrap Addicts.  They have split us up into 2 groups - New Designers (designing under 1 yr) and Established Designers (designing and selling more than 1 yr).  I fall into the established designers catagory with some truely awesome designers.... but don't worry the new designers group has some pretty awesome designers that I thought would have been in my group.

Week 1 challenge was to extract at least 2 items that you either photographed or scanned yourself this week.  They were checking the time/date stamps on the photos to make sure we went out and did them this week.  I actually extracted more just because I had some good pictures.... however, that was the easy part as I could not come up with a theme or title for anything.  I found a palette pretty quick but it took until Weds to really get moving on the kit.  I have 5 papers, 10 different elements and 1 set of date stamps from 2009-2013.  I hope you like it and either leave some love here or in the gallery.

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The New Designer Gallery

Before you take off to get all the goodies, don't forget that this month is my Grand Opening of my new shop at Daisies & Dimples where you can get all my designs for 45% off through the end of the month.  You can get the same good deal over at my Faith Sisters Shop as well.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Grand Opening of my New Shop!!!

Good day everyone!

Today is an awesome day! I have gotten myself organized enough to finally open my new shop at Daisies & Dimples.  They have a great group of Designers and I think it is going to be a great fit for me.  I am not leaving Faith Sisters but I have felt that I need to spread my wings a little and get out further than just my Faith Sisters home.  Though I do not have much in my shop at Daisies & Dimples just yet, I am going to have a blow out sale there and make everything $1.00 for 2 days only!  Then everything will be 45% off at both of my shops to celebrate!

Come check out My New Shop!

The Train is Leaving the Station!

Good day all!
Yes another blog train is on the move. This time its the original and only "The Blog Train".  We don't have an overall theme this month but everyone did use the same swatch so all should mesh well together.  The kits are full of green, pink, teal, brown, orange and cream, though I choose not to use the orange... no particular reason.
Here is my part of this outstanding blog train... I call it "Captivating", hope you enjoy it!

You should have come from A-liya
Your next scheduled stop is eNKay Design (for those of you looking for Natalie's part, she is having issues with her site and will be getting me her download asap.) Until then please move on to Digilicious Designs
If you have gotten lost, please check out our main station at The Blog Train Blog
Please, if you choose to pick up any parts of the train, leave the Designer some love as we do work hard on everything we make... even if it is free.