Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who is ready for Jelly Beans & Lollipops?

Good day everyone!

We are off and suppling the Jelly Beans and Lollipops for this months Digiscrap Connect Blog Hop. This month is filled with those gorgeous pastel colors of spring and Easter to complete all those layouts of the egg hunts and easter baskets.

I hope you enjoy my part and leave some love for me as well as any other mini that you might pick up. Please don't share the downloads but rather send your friends to my page to download it for themselves.

You should have come from Key of D Designs
Your next stop is Scraps by Mara
Have a blessed day!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

With Love Studios Server Move Shut Down

Hi everyone!

Hope you all have had a fabulous weekend!  I have been a tad under the weather but at least have answers to why I have been feeling so badly.  I went for my pre op appointment before my back surgery to only find out that I am severely anemic.  This has caused my back surgery to be cancelled until I can get a grip on my anemia.  We are all praying that it is only anemia and not something more severe.  But it is really nice to know why I am exhausted all the time, why I have insomnia, why I have been having dizzy spells and heart racing episodes.  I will be going to a Hematogolist to see what can be done as quickly as they can so that I can get my back surgery.  After that visit I will be able to figure out whats going on with my health and hopefully get back to some sort of normalacy (if there is a such thing).

Ok now for the server move over at With Love Studios.... the shop will be shutting down tonight and not come back up until April 2nd (if all goes well).  The Designers have decided to put together a nice little FB Blog Hop for you during that time so that we can keep your excitement for our "New Grand Opening".

You will have to "Like" each other Designers participating to receive their parts to the hop.  All of the participants will be listed on the With Love Studios FB Page, so if you get lost or just cannot figure out where to go, please head over there and pick up what is missing.

I am offering Commerical Use Glitters to go with the minis, so I hope you can swing over and pick them up.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Owners, Server Move and Shop Closure

Good day everyone!

I hope you all have had a great week so far.  I have some good and bad news coming out of With Love Studios.  We have gotten new owners..... who are fabulous (good news) but we have to move servers now which is the bad news.  The shop will be closed from March 25th and have a regrand opening on April 1st.  You will not be able to get to any part of the shop, to include the gallery and forum, during that time.  It has been suggested that if you have any layouts posted in the gallery, that you make sure you have a back up just in case they get lost in the move.  Also if you still plan on participating in the challenges, please make sure to turn them in by the 25th so that you can earn your credit.

Before the move, I suggest you run over and pick up this month XOXO Collaborations called Boys to Men.  It is a fabulous boys kit filled with the mud and dirt that you expect plus some nice little unexpected items.

This is what some of our wonderful CT members created using the XOXO Collaboration.

Now I have sad news..... due to all the things going on in my life, I am having to close down my shop at Daisies & Dimples.  Its actually great news for you, as all my designs there will be on sale for only $1 through March 31st.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time To Vote & Daily Download Freebie

Good day everyone!

I hope you have been enjoying the entries of the final round of the Stuff To Scrap Designer Darling Contest. They are pretty awesome and most of the designers have many add-on freebies you can snag as well.  Of course my kit and the add-on (located on FB) are still available but will only be that way until Monday when I will remove the links to place it in my With Love Studio shop and possibly the Stuff to Scrap shop?!?!?!  Anywho - voting is up and I would truely appreciate one of your three votes, especially if you picked my kit up and left one of those awesome comments.  Thanks to everyone who has supported me through this process as I have been swamped and didn't even think I would be able to finish.

Pick up the Full Kit HERE
Leave some Love HERE
Pick up the Add-on HERE
and of course don't forget to VOTE

Here are some beautiful layouts created using the kit by Jen and Michelle.  I will have some more for you to see tomorrow.  Thanks Ladies!

Now I know you all are dying to see the gorgeous With Love Studio's Daily Download for March from Profile Couture.  Its perfect for this month and almost any other month that you need to scrap with red, green and grey.  All of the downloads are still available so swing on over and pick it up before you miss a part.

Downloads located HERE

Monday, March 12, 2012

Final Round of Designer Darling Contest

Good day everyone!
I know I have been out of the loop for a while.... things have just been so crazy around here.  We have had a lot of appointments throughout the last couple weeks for everyone in the family.  My DH had a cyst removed from his back on Friday and has been recovering pretty well... he doesn't know how to not over do it.  Because of all of this, I really didn't think I was going to be able to complete this last challenge for the contest.  However, I was given some time and luckily my mojo was working.
We were told we could use any color palette and any theme but it had to be a full kit to include papers, elements and an alpha.  I asked on my blog, the Stuff to Scrap forum as well as the forum at With Love Studios for some ideas on theme and/or color palette.  Well I chose a palette from Jen from With Love Studios.  This is the palette she supplied me with

From here, decided to go with a 365 project/snapshot theme that was easily used for boys as well as girls.  I got a lot of request for boy kits so I tried to make this as masculine as possible but allowing it be flexible for almost any layout.  My title is "365 Snapshots" it contains 10 papers, 22 different elements, 3 word bits and a full alpha (to include upper, lower and extras).  I hope that you enjoy it and would be willing to create a layout with it (if you choose to download it) and post it to the Stuff to Scrap Gallery.

I also created a layout, which I haven't done in a long time, using the tempate from the Template Challenge at With Love Studios that was graciously created by Jen (who is the same Jen who gave me the palette)

I hope you enjoy the kit that I created.... I will be trying to get an freebie done to post here. but until then here is a FB exclusive that you can pick up on my FB Page.

I would truely appreciate if you leave me some love in the gallery or here as well as if you like my kit to vote for it over a Stuff To Scrap.

Have a blessed week!