Friday, July 29, 2011

Template Challenge Time!

Good Day Everyone!

Its that time again, its time for my monthly Template Challenge over at Faith Sisters. This template can be used as the template or as a sketch and comes in PSD/PNG formats so that everyone can participate whether digital or hybrid. You will have one week to pick up the template for FREE and will also have 1 week to finish and post your layout to the gallery and forum thread. So go pick up the template..... and lets play!!!

Don't forget that the Designers at Faith Sisters also have a Blog Flight going on right now and you can pick up our QPs and our parts of the flight for free only until Sunday..... you don't want to miss this flight! Check out my part further down in my thread or you can just start at the Faith Sisters Blog.

Here are my parts

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Design Factor Winding Down

Good day everyone!
So I have finally finished my last challenge for the Design Factor, which is bittersweet. I loved participating and being able to learn how to make my designs better but I think I will miss the challenges every week. Not to worry though, as another contest is right around the corner. Well I don't want to get ahead of myself, so let's get back to Challenge 6. We were asked to create a 5 paper/15 element mini kit with a "food" theme. I wanted to run and hide when I saw the theme but I have attempted all the other challenges and I knew I had to over come this one as well. I have never done a food theme as I don't really like them... except for all the cupcakes, yummy! I didn't want to be part of the norm, so I decided on fries and milk shakes because they are my favorite duo. My kit called "Fries with that Shake" has shades of pink, cream, white, brown and teal and contains 3 patterned papers, 2 plain papers, 1 button, 2 word arts, 1 frame, 1 box of fries, 2 journal papers, 1 triple stich, 1 layered ribbon, 1 smear, 1 splatter, 2 speech bubbles, 1 flair, & 1 shake. I hope you enjoy it because I am thrilled with the final outcome.

Download Expired
Don't forget to pick up my challenge 5 entry as well as the Faith Sisters Collaboration and the free cluster from the Charity Collaboration that are in my previous posts.

Flower, Ribbons and Strings, OH MY!

Good day!
I hope everyone enjoyed the "blog flight" from the Designers of Faith Sisters. If you haven't caught your flight just yet, you still have time as it will not end until the 1st of August. Make sure to catch all stops as it is a beautiful kit called "Come Fly With Me". Here is my part... just a refresher (if you want the link, please scroll down to the previous thread).

Now on to the new blog hop! Some of the Designers over at the Design Factor Contest decided we would make our Challenge 5 entries into a blog hop as the challenge only had us making elements.... most of us just could not resist making papers as well. This Challenge was hosted by the wonderful ladies of ScrapMatters. They challenged us to choose 1 color palette out of 3, then recolor 12-15 elements to include an alpha. All the items we used had to be CU and 50% had to come from ScrapMatters. Infact, they gave us several free samplers and we HAD to use 4 of those items. So if you see items that are repeated in the mini kits that is the reason. I tried to use the items in a very unique way so that they didn't look like the others. I hope you enjoy mine.... I called it "Blue Bird" and it included 11 elements, 1 lowercase alpha and 3 papers.

 Download Expired
You should have come from Rumki Designs
And next you can go to ScrapN2Nspire
If you happen to get lost, you can pick up the train at DigiScrap Connect
If you want to pick up the other Designers parts that choose not to participate in the blog hop (most will coordinate with the blog hop), then go HERE

Don't forget about Challenge 4 as it will not be offered for much longer
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Sun Will Shine Charity Collaboration

Good Day Everyone!
I have the honor of making a very special post today as all of us in the United States know that the mid west and south have been ravaged by tornados and flooding that have left many without homes and lives. Myself along with many other Designers have put together a very special collaboration in honor of all those families. All of the proceeds for this charity collaboration will go directly to the American Red Cross. This beautiful kit contains 96 papers, 116 elements, 19 word arts, 5 alphas, 4 templates and 1 set of glitters. You can only pick it up at Digi_ridoo Scraps for only $10.

Here is my part of the collaboration

and a little freebie I made for you using my part.  I am not very good a clustering but I thought I would give it a try so you could sample the collaboration.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Come Fly With Me!

Good day everyone!
Things have been so crazy at my house as we are closing up the summer and getting prepared for school to start around here. Last minute visits from grandparents and lots of shopping to get everything needed. Just to give you an update on my eye.... it is doing a lot better. I can see but it still hurts a bit, but I can live with that as long as I can see.

In between all of that, I have managed to get you my part of the August Collaboration from Faith Sisters and finished up my entry to the Design Factor Contest (which you will see in the next couple days). So the shop has gotten a little smaller at Faith Sisters as our fellow designers have had to take on the "real" life or felt they had to move on to other designing opportunities; however, the designers we have have made a beautiful kit for you to pick up for FREE for 1 week only! Here is my part of the collaboration.... I hope you like it as I really enjoyed making it.

Link Expired

Stop by the other Airpots to pick up the rest of the kit

You can also pick up some really wonderful quick pages in the shop that coordinate with the collaboration.  Here is mine (I made it a little plain just so that it could be used for more than just travel photos)

Pick it up along with the other Designers QPs HERE

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Design Factor Challenge 4

Hi everyone!
Thanks for all the well wishes.... my eye seems to be getting better everyday.  They took the bandage contact out last week, which really helped with the pain, and since then the recovery seems to be going really fast.  The older boys have been in camp this week, which is good seeing my inspiration has been struggling this week, so I have gotten Challenge 4 done of the Design Factor, added "Hey Dad" to the shop and did my first store collab for my new shop (promise it will be open by August 1st).

Before I give you my entry, I want to remind you that my 60% off sale ends tomorrow so if you wanted to pick up any of my designs at deep discounts, now would be the time.  You can pick up "Hey Dad" for that 60% off as well which doesn't usually happen with new items added to my shop.  Don't forget to pick up my other freebie entries for the Design Factor as well.... my week 2 is getting ready to expire.

Just wanted to show you a little inspiration from Ari, one of my wonderful CT members.

Ok so for the 4th Challenge, hosted by Funky Playground Designs, was to hand draw one item that was to be used in everything except 2 plain papers.  We were asked to design 3 patterned papers, 2 plain papers, 1 alpha (upper/lower) and 5 other elements.  This is what I came up with - "Say What!?!"  I hope you like it.

Download Expired
All of the entries for Week 4

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Challenge 3 - Design Factor

Good afternoon everyone!
First I want to thank everyone who left a message of concern for my eyes.... really lightened up my days.  I am not completely healed but can see without covering up my left eye now.  It still hurts and I go back to the surgeon tomorrow, but it is getting better and that is the most important part.

I did manage to start and finish challenge 3 of the Design Factor contest and the final round of the Nut House Scraps Design for Me contest.  The Design Factor entry will be free for you to pick up for 2 weeks however the Design for Me entry you will have to pick up in my shop.  But seeing I am having a 60% off sale, you will be able to pick up really cheap.  It should be in shop early next week, so you will definately get that discount.  Don't forget that if you leave a service members name (can be someone who presently served who is not with us anymore) and I will send you a coupon that you can use with the sale.

For the final week at NutHouse Scraps, we were given the colors, the theme and the title "Hey Dad". Here is my interpretation of this.... as I was having difficulties, it is very generic. I hope you like it and will swing by my shop next week to pick it up.

This week in the Design Factor, we were hosted by NDISD. We were told that it had to be a monochomatic palette with a "pop" of color. This is what I came up with, I hope you like it.

Download Expired

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Apologies

Happy 4th of July!

I am so sorry guys for not getting my part of the Digiscrap Forum July Blog Train. On Thursday, my youngest son accidently scratched my eye (in which I have recently had Lasik in) and I had to go into emergency eye surgery to try to fix the problem. So all weekend I have been out of commission since I can only see with one eye. I feel so bad for not getting this up and I hope that you will forgive me but I do appreciate Vicky for alerting me to the fact that I completely forgot.
Here is my part of the train and some inspiration from my wonderful CT member Ari

You should have come from Dylabel Designs and your next stop should be Pardon the Mess

Thank you for your understanding and again my apologies for not getting this out sooner.