Saturday, September 27, 2008

Round 4 Is Finally Up

I'm so happy to announce that Round 4 (the final round) in our designer contest has been posted!Please visit our shop ( ) and download all the entries for free. Pick you FOUR favorite entries for this round and then come back to this thread and vote! You can also visit our gallery and leave comments for the designers and post layouts with these entries. I know the contestants will LOVE to hear what you have to say about their work. :)Round 3 voting is still going on too, so if you haven't downloaded and cast your vote for round 3, please do so. You can still pick up the freebies from Rounds 1 & 2, although the voting is closed for those Rounds!I hope that you have enjoyed the contest and I look forward to welcoming our new team members!Thank you all for your votes, downloads and comments. It really helps to know what our customers think!To unsubscribe from these announcements, login to the forum and uncheck "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email." in your profile.You can view the full announcement by following this link:
Regards,The k-joi studios forums Team.

Monday, September 15, 2008

An Add-On Elements Freebie

Good evening...

I have prepared an add-on to the Love kit that I did for the SAS design contest. You can pick up the add-on and Quick page here on my blog... the link to the rest of the freebie is also listed on my blog (9-14). I hope you all enjoy... and if you do, please remember to vote.

Have a blessed night!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 2 of one contest & Week 4 of another

Hi there everyone.....

Glad to hear that there have been no deaths with Hurricane Ikes arrival! Well since there were some mess ups on the size of the kits for the SAS designer contest, we all got to move onto the next round. Below is my newest entry, if you like what you get, please click on the voting link and vote for me. You can also pick up the other entries if you click on the the gallery link below. Mine includes 10 different papers, 14 different types of elements (there are more... just the same colored different), 1 word art and 1 quick page. Please feel free to pick the QP up here and the rest on the site. Thanks for the time you have taken to check this out and DL... I hope you enjoy it.

Freebie :

My other freebies:

The full gallery:

The voting area (you can vote as many as you like... just have to do it all at the same time):

The other contest over at K-Joi studios is still running as well now that they have fixed their site. Below is the link to pick up those freebies and vote in their contest as well.

Again, thanks for the time you have given offering your support! I would love to see some of your work with my freebies or even my items from my store if you have purchased them. Thanks so much.... God bless!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Voting Has Started!

Hi everyone .....

Just wanted to let you know that voting has started in the designer contest over at SAS. If you like my design "My Hero", please click on the Title to this post and vote for it. I would really appreciate it and love to go on to the next round. Below is the kit and the 4shared link so that you do not have to hunt it down over at Stone Accents Studio.

Link Expired

Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you go and vote for me. If you missed the link in the title.... here it is again.... Remember Vote for My Hero by Apupplo...

Thanks again.... God bless!


Friday, September 5, 2008

New Sale and Free Word Art

Good Afternoon and Friday to you all....

We are on the verge of Tropical Storm Hanna right now so I will probably be out of power for the next couple days if it hits the way it should. But I wanted to get you a freebie and remind you again about the free kits at the design contest at Stone Accent Studios (you can get my kit by the link in the previous post). For those of you who like my designs, you should head over to the Pretty Scrappy Shop in the next couple weeks to scoop up my designs at 40% off. I am celebrating my New Design Shop over there. Some of the other new designers are having sales as well.... what a great time to pick up some great designs for an awsome price.

No longer available

Don't forget your freebie word art and check out my other freebies if you have never visited my blog.... they are great if I say so myself.

Pray for the tropical storm to go through quickly and quietly and you all have a blessed day and weekend.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Contest and More Freebies

Good Morning everyone!
Again my apologies for not staying constant with the blog postings. I have been extremely busy with 2 design contests, designing for Pretty Scrappy, as well as keeping up with my LOs. I do have more freebies for you though, thanks to the design contests. You can still get all the freebies from the K-Joi Studios Contest as soon as they get their new site up (we kind of over loaded their site and broke it with all the visits).
Below is my newest kit called "Hero" after my DH who is in the US Army. It is for anyone who you consider a hero. It will be in the store today... just click on the link below the preview.


Go to my store

Now for my entry into the design contest over at Stone Accents Studios (SAS). Week 1 theme is "Heroes"... and we were open to make anything about anyone we consider a hero. There were no color restrictions so you will be able to get a nice rounded grouping of kits. This contest we actually have to make a kit.... not just a part of a kit. My happens to coordinate with my "Hero" kit in the store (which is funny since I had just finished the kit when the contest theme was announced.. which made this week a breeze). To get your freebies from this contest, please click on the link below the preview. The due date is not until Monday, so please keep checking back for more freebies... and go back and vote starting Tuesday for your favorites (no limit to how many votes you cast).


Link Expired

Finally another one of my kits that has been added to the store. It is my first "girly" kit... which made it hard for me since I only have boys and don't do a lot of girly LOs unless someone else needs me to do one. Head over to the store and pick it up as well.


Enjoy all the freebies and I will be back with the link to the K-Joi Studio freebies as soon as their site is back up and running.

Thanks for the support you all have given me..... Have a blessed day!