Saturday, October 24, 2009

Homecooked Happiness Faith Sisters Blog Train

Click Here for the Challenge (I don't know how to link photos just yet...thanks!)

Hey hey hey!!! Anyone up for a blog train??? It has been a while since I have gotten to participate in a blog train so I am super excited about this one. The Collaboration kit by the Faith Sister Designers is called Homecooked Happiness and is filled with all the wonderful things that bring you back to the Cooking at the Holidays and those special cooking moments.

Here is my part of the train.... make sure to get to all the stations including the one at the shop (a wonderful freebie surprise is waiting for you there!). Make you finish up your ride by the end of the week because all the trains will be out of the stations to never come back!

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Here are where the other trains are located:

Have a blessed day!
Designs by Angel

Friday, October 23, 2009

$1 and $2 Weekend Sale at Pretty Scrappy

Come join me at my Pretty Scrappy Shop and pick up almost all my items for either a dollar or two! Not only are they having a great $1 and $2 sale they also have Halloween items on sale for the whole week at 25%off. You don't want to miss out on the great sales!

I know I have promised a freebie so here you go....

Come visit my shop Here!

Have a blessed day!
Designs by Angel

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finally A New Kit

Hi everyone...

I know it has been a while since I have been here but things have been up and down in my personal health. I have had to have a scope to see about possible endometriosis or cancer.... this came back negative but we still stand a what is causing my abdominal pains. Then on top of this, I had a mammogram done and the found some stuff around a lump I have had for many years (told it was nothing to worry about) and now they want a biopsy of it. I am hoping for the best but the odds are against me seeing my grandmother has had a mastectomy, my mother has had a double mastectomy and it terminal and my mothers sisters have both passed from uterine cancer. I am trying to do scrapping to keep my mind off my own medical as well as my boys who have also been in and out of the OR for tubes in the ears to severe dental work (and all my boys are under 6). If that isn't enough, for those who don't know, my hubby is in Korea having to deal with this via Skype.

Anyway, I finally finished, what I think, is the cutest little Halloween kit. It is called "Handmade Halloween" and was developed by the idea of all those wonderful crafts the kids do around the holiday. It is full of orange, purple, green, yellow, black and white. I have a paper pack add-on to add some bling and texture to your layouts.... it has glitter and velvet papers. It will be on sale in the shops until Friday for 40% off. If you miss the sale, please check back for I will be doing more sales on it. The whole kit and add on is only available at my shops in Pretty Scrappy and Kjoi Studios. The Paper Pack can be picked up at Faith Sisters as well under the name "Velvet and Glitter Papers" (Halloween kits are not allowed in the shop at Faith Sisters but you are welcomed to post your layouts in the gallery there if you wish)

Please also check out some of the layouts that Lisa, from my CT, has done using the full kit and the add-on paper pack.... Thanks Lisa!!!

I know I don't have a freebie listed on this feed, but please scroll through and pick up the freebies I have listed on my blog in earlier posts before I take them down in the next week.

Have A Blessed Day!

Faith Sister

Kjoi Studios
Pretty Scrappy