Saturday, June 30, 2012

All Aboard the Choo-Choo Train....

****I have removed the link to Mediafire and replaced it so that you all can get my part.  Thank you to those of you who let me know that something was wrong.  I want to let you all know that my kit is all mine except for one overlay, the stitches and the ribbon on the camera.... all of those designers are mentioned in my TOU so I have not stolen any designs nor have I broken any copywrite laws.  Thank you for your continued support while I work with Mediafire on why and who reported my kit as well as many other Designers of this train.****

Hi there...

I know it has been a while since you all have seen or heard from me.  The reasoning is that my DH and I have finally gotten our Embroidery Business off the ground and have been working feverishly the last couple weeks.  We are "officially" Keelyn Kreations as of today!  We are still working on our website which will include our embroidery business, photography (on the side business), and of course a page for Designs by Angel.  This will hopefully allow us to succeed when my DH retires from the Army in 2 years.  Another bonus will hopefully be the ability to offer my freebies without using mediafire....great news for all those of you who love theses trains but not the time it takes to get through all the garbage!

Ok on to the train...... its all about that wonderful summer fun of Camping!  I hope you enjoy everyones different ideas of this activity and can scrap away from photos from this year and past years.

You should have come from Snap-A-Scrap Designs
Your next stop is Snuggle Berry Pie Designs
If you have just started or have gotten lost, the entire list is at The Blog Train
Please note that we are from all over the world and therefore will not always have our parts up at the same time.

Now be on the outlook for my new releases coming out on July 6th..... they will fire you off and get the party started!  You don't want to miss them!
Have a blessed day!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Release and New FB Freebie

Hi everyone!

By the comments I got, you all really enjoyed the first of the month's blog trains.  If you haven't picked it up yet, scroll on down and pick them both up.  Most Designers will only have their parts up until the end of the month and there are a lot of Designers pages to go to.

Well seeing I had those on the first, I didn't post my new release for the beginning of the month.  I re-released "Tiny Tumblers" by request.

I also have a new re-release this week that was originally a duo but I have now choosen to release just my part for a lower price.  I hope you like monkey-ing around because its all about the monkeys!

I am truely amazed at what my outstanding creative team members have done with this.... I hope you do too.

You can pick both up here

Didn't I mention a new freebie?!?!?  Well if you head on over to my Facebook page (and like me if you haven't), you can pick up these wonderful additions made for you by Jen!

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Have a blessed day!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Ready to catch the next train?!? Here it comes!

Hi everyone!

I hope your friday is going well.... how could a friday not go well right, especially with some freebies right? Ok well, if you didn't catch the last train then scroll on down and pick it up after you are down picking up this one.  I hope that you have a great time riding the train and make sure to leave some love for all the hard working Designers who have created you this minis.

I am sure a lot of you have planted vegetable gardens or flower gardens.... well this train is perfect for scrapping all those photos.

You should have come from Designs by Krista
and your next stop will be MaitriScraps
If you have just hitched a ride here, you can pick up the full list from DSC Forum
Have a blessed day!