Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Contest and More Freebies

Good Morning everyone!
Again my apologies for not staying constant with the blog postings. I have been extremely busy with 2 design contests, designing for Pretty Scrappy, as well as keeping up with my LOs. I do have more freebies for you though, thanks to the design contests. You can still get all the freebies from the K-Joi Studios Contest as soon as they get their new site up (we kind of over loaded their site and broke it with all the visits).
Below is my newest kit called "Hero" after my DH who is in the US Army. It is for anyone who you consider a hero. It will be in the store today... just click on the link below the preview.


Go to my store

Now for my entry into the design contest over at Stone Accents Studios (SAS). Week 1 theme is "Heroes"... and we were open to make anything about anyone we consider a hero. There were no color restrictions so you will be able to get a nice rounded grouping of kits. This contest we actually have to make a kit.... not just a part of a kit. My happens to coordinate with my "Hero" kit in the store (which is funny since I had just finished the kit when the contest theme was announced.. which made this week a breeze). To get your freebies from this contest, please click on the link below the preview. The due date is not until Monday, so please keep checking back for more freebies... and go back and vote starting Tuesday for your favorites (no limit to how many votes you cast).


Link Expired

Finally another one of my kits that has been added to the store. It is my first "girly" kit... which made it hard for me since I only have boys and don't do a lot of girly LOs unless someone else needs me to do one. Head over to the store and pick it up as well.


Enjoy all the freebies and I will be back with the link to the K-Joi Studio freebies as soon as their site is back up and running.

Thanks for the support you all have given me..... Have a blessed day!