Friday, August 5, 2011

Designer Apprentice Week 1

Good day all!I have been waiting for today all summer.  The kids started school today, 1/2 at least, and will go back on Tuesday for full time.  Yippee! Hooray! *Doing the Happy Dance*

Ok enough celebration about that, for now - there will be more on Tuesday as all the kids will be out of the house for the day.  I have started yet another designer challenge.... this time its the Designer Apprentice at DigiScrap Addicts.  They have split us up into 2 groups - New Designers (designing under 1 yr) and Established Designers (designing and selling more than 1 yr).  I fall into the established designers catagory with some truely awesome designers.... but don't worry the new designers group has some pretty awesome designers that I thought would have been in my group.

Week 1 challenge was to extract at least 2 items that you either photographed or scanned yourself this week.  They were checking the time/date stamps on the photos to make sure we went out and did them this week.  I actually extracted more just because I had some good pictures.... however, that was the easy part as I could not come up with a theme or title for anything.  I found a palette pretty quick but it took until Weds to really get moving on the kit.  I have 5 papers, 10 different elements and 1 set of date stamps from 2009-2013.  I hope you like it and either leave some love here or in the gallery.

Download Expired
The New Designer Gallery

Before you take off to get all the goodies, don't forget that this month is my Grand Opening of my new shop at Daisies & Dimples where you can get all my designs for 45% off through the end of the month.  You can get the same good deal over at my Faith Sisters Shop as well.