Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy My Day!

Good day everyone!

Yes, thats right! Its my 40th birthday today and I truely want to celebrate, though I will not get to do that until later. I told you all that I was recently diagnosed with anemia which prevented me from having my back surgery. Well, I got to see the Hemotologist today and my hemoglobin is even worse than it was so I have to go into the hospital today (of all days) to have a blood transfusion. They are allowing me to continue with my sinus surgery (thankfully) next week but then I will start a weekly regimine of IV iron transfusions for 8 weeks. After that, we will see if it worked or if they need to do more tests to figure out where I am losing all the iron. Prayers are always welcomed and appreciated.

Ok now on to better news.... it is my 40th birthday so I wanted to celebrate with everyone. I am giving away my "Happy My Day" for this day ONLY so run on over to my shop and pick it up. Why not pick up a few other kits as well as I have decided to put the rest of my shop at 40% off until the end of the month. I wish I could have had more time to do some other fun birthday things but I have some big things in the works for May. I am going to be the Featured Designer and the Daily Download Designer at With Love Studios for May and I am truely excited..... a sneak peek will be coming very soon so be on the watch.

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Tammy said...

Happy Birthday, Angel!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)