Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Advent Freebie Part 7 and $1 Sale

Hi everyone!
Things have been crazy here between all the rain, sleet and flurries as well as trying to finally finish unpacking (after 3 years) as my DH is here now to help me.  I haven't been on to give you the links to the Advent Calendar freebie at With Love Studios, but I hope you have been getting over there to download them.  Each link is supposed to stay up 3 days so you can find the last couple links later in the post, if you need to catch up.

I wanted to remind you that you only have another week and a half to get over to my Faith Sisters Shop to pick up my designs for only $1.  Everything, including CU, collaborations and bundles, are part of this outstanding sale.  I will not be having another sale like this for a while and a lot of the kits will not be re-released anywhere else.

Enjoy your freebies and make sure you get in on the $1 deal as soon as possible!