Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Afternoon

Hi all!
This week has been another crazy week with playing with medications, emergency room trips and extra business with the embroidery.  Things have been great today though, and I am so pleased for that. Yesterday, I had to take my oldest to the ER after he cut his hand between the thumb and finger with a box cutter.  He was trying to make a poke ball out of a tennis ball.... when he was trying to cut the tennis ball open he got himself.  He came screaming through the house apologizing for cutting himself.  We got it under water (and I saw how bad it was) and then he asked me if I would have to have his hand cut off now.  Trying not to laugh at him, I told him no but we were going to the hospital for stitches.  Being petrified of needles, we talked about when I had stitches and that sometimes they have a topical numbing gel.  When we got to see the doc, he asked for the topical and was given it but was told because of how deep it was, he would also need the needle.  He was ok with that and we proceeded.  He ended up with 4 stitches inside and 8 on the outside.  He did no damage to muscles or anything else.... doc said he was lucky.  Just hate doing those things by myself, but then again the DH is afraid of needles too so I would have done it by myself anyway... hehehe.  Love you sweetie!

Ok so I did not make it to Round 2 of the Next Designer Contest due to an issue with an element but they are allowing me to proceed in the Second Chance Contest.  This week we have the same challenge as the original contestants.... we had to use their preview, make 6 papers, 1 cluster and minimum of 20 elements.  We had to use the theme and title of Summer Afternoon and make sure that our title was very prominent in our preview.  My interpretation of this was a family kit so I hope you like it..... leave some love here or in the gallery.

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