Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fixed Link - hopefully

Ok Ladies...

I have finally gotten on to check my mail and found that you all have been having a lot of trouble with my papers - was wondering why the number of downloads was so low. Here is the link again... Please let me know if you are still having problems. I can see a little bit so I will do better at checking the comments.

These are the same elements but just wanted to repost so that newcomers didnt have to go looking for them.

Have a blessed day!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Hope the eyes are getting better! How on earth are you managing to design?? Congratulations on reaching the finals and good luck!

eveline said...

thank you!!

Monkey Toes Too said...

Thank you!

biche57 said...

merci beaucoup )))

Patti said...

Not sure how old your kids are but have your heard of flatdaddies.com ? (I THINK families of deployed personnel can get one for free and there was a great article in Parade Magazine about Flat Jared and his adventures with his family) Tell your hubby thank you for all that he is doing! My father and father-in-law were both in the Army. I appreciate all that your hubby is doing and what he stands for!

Also, I hope that your eyes are all better. Eye pain is bad since there is nothing you can do but endure.

Thank you for the freebies! I found the overlay 'competition' late so not sure if you moved on or not. Guess I should go check! :-) THANKS AGAIN!

Patti in Dallas, Texas, USA

Lou said...

Just lurve your colour combo's... oh the denim blue with that gorg red. So lovely.