Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday, Monday, Monday

Good Morning Everyone!

It seems the freebie hunting is going pretty good after a few glitches on my end. I hope everyone is getting them and then going to pick up the mega kit to go with them. Enough about promoting kits.... my husband is being promoted to Sgt First Class today! He has worked so hard for this and been waiting for 4 years (I can't say he has been very patient about it though). He is going to DC with some other folks to be pinned by a superior officer along side other soldiers being promoted and reenlisting for their country. I am proud of my soldier who has graciously served 16 years and plans on retiring. Thank you to all service men and women who serve us as well as all the wonderful people at home who support them without a second thought! Have a great Monday....and make it a blessed one!